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Watch the entire video, or pick and choose according to the items below. Questions? Always feel free to email Rebecca Rhodes at [email protected]


  1. Find the school at or (0:12)
  2. How to Log in (0:35) Forgot your password? (0:45)
  3. How to Log out (1:40)
  4. Important items for Monthly and Annual Membership (1:47)
  5. How to cancel monthly or annual membership subscription (2:36)
  6. Would you like to try the school for just one month? (3:07)
  7. Edit your profile (3:23)
  8. Add or change your credit card (3:38)
  9. Contact Rebecca Rhodes (3:51)
  10. Icon in upper right corner (4:12)
  11. Top Menu: Contact Rebecca Rhodes (4:51), My Courses (5:06), All Courses (5:21)
  12. Community (5:38); How to post a comment/question and attach an image (5:58); Edit or delete your comment/image (6:45)
  13. Searching for something specific? Use the search bar (7:33), Category (7:48), Quick Links in top menu (8:04)
  14. Summary (9:08)
  15. How to Sign up to the school (9:44) - it's free, no credit card required.

Tour of School

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