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"I am so thankful to you Rebecca for the great classes that I am able to utilize. With practice, I was able to learn the great techniques, so I can create the desired paintings I was wanting.

Plus, I am grateful for this safe platform to share. This is helping me move forward and gain the confidence I need to start a Pet Portrait business. Thank you all for your positive comments."


"I am a watercolor beginner. I have always wanted to learn to paint with watercolors, specifically to paint dogs and other animals. I can not draw and have not considered myself artistic. When I found Rebecca's tutorials, I discovered that thanks to her very detailed instructions and step by step guidance, I have actually painted some very cute dogs that look like dogs! Rebecca's tutorials are excellent and will help anyone who wishes to learn to paint with watercolors in a realistic manner."

  • Ginger

"The online classes from Rebecca Rhodes are taking me on such an exciting adventure and I feel her classes are also taking my work to another level. The very first painting that I did, following her wonderful concise instructions allowed me to sit and smile at my finished painting. Her work is outstanding and her classes... well, I can't say enough good things about them. Everything is explained so well and shown so clearly that I feel she's sitting right there next to me. PLEASE take the time and visit her online school where you can watch the step-by-step tutorials in real time."

  • Charlie

"I just wanted to express how really really REALLY happy I have found you, this course, this technique. I have been doing other courses, and some other you tube videos and it just didn't click. Something was always off for me.

But with this technique (even though I have much to learn) is like a 'Free Willy' experience! I am out in an ocean of possibility, I click!"



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Rebecca Rhodes, watercolor artist

Hi, I'm Rebecca Rhodes!

I’m a watercolor artist and teacher in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.

My goal is to empower, encourage, and equip - to help you to learn to paint detailed, realistic subjects in watercolor so you can use these techniques to develop your own unique style.

Before becoming a full-time artist, I enjoyed a fulfilling 27-year career as a public school Music Educator. In 2015, I retired from teaching to focus on painting, and founded this Online School in 2017. I love to teach, and hope you enjoy and learn from these courses. Always feel free to contact me if you have questions or suggestions.

Contact me here!

Thanks for joining us in this adventure! 

"Just wanted to say that I have watched through Part three of the Westie painting. It is extremely enjoyable and I'm learning a great deal... I love the way you layered the eyes and your explanation and narration is very explicit and I understand what you are doing... thank you! Love watching you paint... I think it would be a great idea for you to move to NYC and open up the REBECCA RHODES SCHOOL OF ANIMAL PORTRAITS IN WATERCOLOR... and if you needed it, which you probably wouldn't, I would gladly hand out flyers on the street corner."

  • Marvin

"I’ve just finished Rebecca’s free course (the dog’s eye) and was amazed by my resulting painting. I’ve never painted anything this realistic before and Rebecca’s lessons made it so easy to follow the process from start to finish."

  • Michaela

Rebecca is one of the best teachers. Her classes are worth so much! I started with zero experience and have now painted several pet portraits for clients. This class is well worth the money! Do not hesitate to join!

  • Sue

"I started painting during our first lock-down. I began to look for an online school that taught animal portrait painting. I found Rebecca's website and joined her school and am so delighted that I did. The tutorials are just great. With Rebecca's help, we can all produce amazing masterpieces to be proud of. I had just retired from a very busy life and was looking for something fulfilling to occupy my time, while not really knowing what that might be. Thank you Rebecca for making it so easy to transition into my new life. I love what I do now and am always thinking about my next project, a portrait for a friend, a gift card, etc. I have still got a lot to learn but the journey ahead is so exciting. I have made some friends through Rebecca's school. Rebecca is an amazing teacher and fabulous artist. Thanks Rebecca for being so patient with all of us."

  • Rena

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