How to Create Your Pet Portrait Business

Learn the ins and outs of creating your own pet portrait business!

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I'm sharing everything I've learned about the Pet Portrait Business with you!

This course will take you through the steps in creating a pet portrait business, from the very beginning to the end. The lessons contain both reading material and video demonstrations. See the curriculum below for more details.

I hope these lessons are useful to you in your business adventures!

About the Course:

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Rebecca Rhodes
Rebecca Rhodes

Hi! I'm Rebecca Rhodes, watercolor artist and teacher in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.

My goal is to empower, encourage, and equip - to help you learn to paint detailed, realistic subjects in watercolor so you can use these techniques to develop your own unique style!

Before becoming a full-time artist, I enjoyed a 27-year career as a public school Music Educator. In 2015, I retired from teaching to focus on painting and founded this online school in 2017. I love to teach and hope that you find these courses enjoyable and helpful. Always feel free to contact me if you have questions or suggestions.

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