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Free Tutorials to Develop Your Watercolor Skills

Whether you are new to painting animals in watercolor or wish to hone your skills, these free tutorials are a great place to start!

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I have a history of self doubt and stalling at the first hurdle and watercolours have been a challenge I had almost abandoned more than once, telling myself I was too old now to learn. And then I came across your brilliant videos on YouTube - finally a technique I could follow, deliver by an artist who understood how to teach! Your online school takes this to another level - perfect! Thank you Rebecca for being my guide and for all your encouragement - without it I would have given up and in so doing lost one of life’s dearest pleasures, the ability to create a painting.

- Deb

I have a number of memberships but none share the depth of information as your teaching videos. You are a one-stop-shop approach to learning about watercolor. The narration is pleasant and videos are the perfect length. Your scaffolding approach to learning is unsurpassed. Your membership is the best value for watercolorist.

- Julie

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Rebecca Rhodes
Rebecca Rhodes

Hi! I'm Rebecca Rhodes, watercolor artist and teacher in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. Before becoming a full-time artist, I enjoyed a fulfilling 27-year career as a public school Music Educator. In 2015, I retired from teaching to focus on painting, and founded this Online School in 2017.

My goal is to help you to learn to paint realistic subjects in watercolor - for you to use the techniques in this school to create your own paintings. I hope you enjoy and learn from these courses, and always feel free to contact me if you have questions or suggestions.

Thanks for joining us in this adventure!

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